Rapido Meteo

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Remember what you’ve heard and dress your bear the fastest: ‘It’s warm, Teddy is wearing a green jumper, and…’
Can you remember what Teddy is wearing and be the first to dress him in the correct clothes?
The game box includes:
*4 Teddy bears made of soft plastic
*24 cards showing Teddy dressed in different clothes and weather-proof
*36 pieces of soft plastic clothing (T-shirts, trousers, headgear, swimsuit, tank top, umbrellas, etc.)
Each player has a Teddy teddy bear in front of the. One player picks up a card from the 24 that shows Teddy dressed. Teddy is dressed according to the weather shown on the card. For example, it is cold and Teddy wears: green pants, purple sweater with white daisy, and light blue with purple stars. Players flip the card upside down and try to remember Teddy’s clothes. The player who can dress Teddy the fastest and with the right clothes wins the game!
Ages 3


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