Megan Doll


  • Megan from our Chi-Chi Collection of Bonikka Rag dolls is made from 100% cotton.
  • This beautiful hand-crafted rag doll will provide comfort to your little one.
  • 50 cm

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Let a special child in your life know just how much you care.  You’re there to support them on their journey through life when you can’t be right by their side.
The gift of Bonikka provides a lasting reminder that they’re love… and a cherished companion to share experiences with, confide in and provide them comfort. Our collection of beautifully handcrafted rag dolls are created around the concept of family – the bond that ties us together!
Each Bonikka doll is a friend, waiting to be adopted by a special child and is ready to take on the nature and personality that a child most desires in a favourite playmate.


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