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The shapes in Logi Shapes provide the child with an opportunity for three-dimensional play with shapes. The child can use the shapes without the cards, and can see for himself how two rectangles placed side by side can be used to make a square shape. Similarly, he can position the various shapes in various ways to make his own shape of a house or a boat, etc. Develop part, whole, and spatial perception when using shapes to build a pattern/picture on the card.

The Logi Shapes Galore game can be used along with the spinner to select shapes and colours. The child needs to use his space visualisation ability to determine what shape will be able to fill the outlined space on the card.

Build the shape onto the card to complete a picture, or let the child copy the same design directly onto a table surface or onto a piece of white paper (building the design on a sheet of paper can offer some structure for the child and “contains” his design).

The shapes can also be used along with the Sensory Stuff Feely Bag (sold separately). The shapes can be placed inside the bag and the child can feel for the shapes using one or both hands together. The child needs to say what shape he has found before removing the shapes from the Feely Bag. Used in this way, Logi Shapes can be used to encourage tactile discrimination.

As the child develops pencil control, he can be encouraged to trace around the Logi Shapes to make his own designs. This task requires bilateral control. This means that the child needs to use both his hands to accomplish the task. The dominant hand would be used to draw around the object with a sharp pencil, while the non-dominant hand would steady the Logi Shape. This is a more complex task, which would only be suitable for an older child who has already mastered some prewriting skills.

Contents: Each box contains the following:

  • 80 Plastic Shapes in various shapes and sizes.
  • 16 Pattern Cards.
  • One Colour Spinner.
  • One Shape Spinner.

Ages: 3+


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