Pick me Hedgehog fine motor skills game


  • Be the first to peg up your hedgehog without having any stuck to your clothes yourself!
  • 2 players
  • Includes: 2 double-sided hedgehog boards, 24 pegs (6 peg of each colour), 1 dice

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Players take turns throwing the dice, and depending on what colour is shown, proceeds to either fill their hedgehogs up with a corresponding coloured peg – or clip the peg on to their own clothes if there is no available spot of that colour left on the hedgehog. There is also a white hedgehog and black hedgehog symbol on the dice that allows you to remove pegs from anywhere (your clothes, your opponent’s clothes, your hedgehog, or even your opponent’s hedgehog) – which is super nifty because the game is only won if you complete your hedgehog AND have no pegs left on your clothes!

Great for developing:
• Colour recognition
• Manual dexterity & pincer grip
• Eye-hand coordination
• Situational thinking and decision-making skills
• Social integration
• Family/group bonding
• Self-confidence

A fun motor skill game that is easy to get into, without being too simple that players lose interest quickly. The black and white hedgehog symbols on the dice add an excellent dimension to the game, introducing early decision making and situational thinking to players.


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