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  • excellent educational product
  • consists of 10 wooden tiles with numbers one to ten as well 10 wooden tiles with dots representing numbers one to ten.
  • The pegs with coloured wooden rings also form part of the counting activities as children learn various ways in which to count and identify with numbers.


It is so important for pre-school children to learn their number concept from a concrete foundation (ie they need to touch ‘real’ numbers eg counting

  •  Photo shows coloured discs on dowels.
  •  Wooden discs.
  • Wooden blocks showing quantity in numbers & dot form.

Children then progress towards abstract learning (in this game represented by the wooden squares showing the numbers).
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Memory game
Place all the wooden squares face down on the table. Take turns to each turn over 2 pieces. Do they match?  If so, you get to keep them. If not, turn over again and play moves to next person. When you find a dot square that matches a number square – place in the wooden frame.

Setting up
The wooden dowels are different height, from number 1 being the shortest to number 10 being the tallest.  Place the wooden dowels in the correct holes from shortest to tallest.

Number game
Divide the wooden discs equally among the players. Use dice (not included in the game) :  can use colour dice, dot dice, number dice or combination. Throw the dice :  if you throw red and 2 dots . . .  Do you have any red discs? Can you place them onto the dowels so they’re in the same order as shown on the wooden dot squares?


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